Bombus: the Latin name for the genus of the bumblebee. Part of the larger family Apidae.  

Founded in 2016 by three students, Bombus Press is a quarterly literary and arts magazine that seeks to curate a collection of the best poetry, prose, and art on the internet.

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Karen Guan
Art Editor

Karen is currently a junior at the Rhode Island School of Design, majoring in Graphic Design. She loves bees and other fluffy looking things, as well as the masterpieces that are Steven Universe and Adventure Time. 

Jennifer romine
Prose Editor

Jennifer Romine is an undergraduate at Temple University, studying History and Spanish. They enjoy modernism, critical theory, Beethoven, and peanut butter sandwiches. They previously worked as an editor at Danse Macabre, an online literary magazine now defunct.

Marilyn Schotland
Poetry Editor

Marilyn Schotland is a poet from Philadelphia currently studying for a BA in History of Art at the University of Michigan. She is the recipient of a Hopwood Award, and a nominee for Bettering American Poetry. Recent and forthcoming publications can be found in Cotton Xenomorph, Glass: A Journal of PoetryOcculum, and Five:2:One.

M. E. Hoban
Poetry Reader

M. E. Hoban earned her BA in English from the University of Michigan, where she spent four years on the editorial staff of Fortnight Literary Press. She likes dogs and feels most at home near water.