Define:   I

a noticed inhabitance.             / this body of mine
             begins                         as too many bones
with too much space. a thunderstorm / unformed.

         newborn / reborn / unborn      — i bend my
spine back,                        now, less bone / less space.

this is a body new                    / unmistaken for what it
is.                                                       something started

         (            mid-rapture, body bent
           and opened —see me:        blooming,   ripening,
                    preparing.             a body reconstructing for
                         a wound / impending.                            )

now,                                            searching for an ending.

i:          a hallowedness taking place / i:         a disturbance known.


boy, opened:
            a constant state of un/control.
            found: 13 raccoon teeth.
            undefine. undefine. undefine.
            “how much of the sky can you see?”
            a heart, in four pieces.
            hyacinths in all shades of mourning.
            wings of various species.
            words, rotting.
            the smell of river mud
            heavy. heavy. heavy.
                                            “all of it, my god.”


CALEB LOVELACE is a writer and poet that lives somewhere near a river in Florida. His poetry has appeared in Horn & Ivory Zine and Déaciné Magazine. He can be found on twitter & tumblr @archkaic.