Bluebeard's bones

clavicles                flummoxed
tibias                     ivory
fibulas                   distal

metatarsals            jumping
phalanges              dem bones
scapulae                and what
vertebrae               is he doing

ulnas                      for being silly
radii                       porous marrow
humerus                in a dark castle
mandible               messed up
maxilla                  crushed
frontal                   scarred

occipital                osteo
temporal                el corazon
anvil                      of spirits
stirrup                   and the call
carpals                  he cannot resist

metacarpals          the evil kind
ribs                        to run, amok
sternum                 will run
thumb                    known

fingers                  whimpers
toes                      wicked
legs                       blueberries
elbows                 bluebells

whiskers              on Halloween
smiles                  and what is he doing
winks                   and why




CONSTANCE SCHULTZ has lived in one section or other of the Pacific Northwest her whole life.  Currently she lives near Grand Coulee Dam.  Ms. Schultz has writing in Figroot Press, Stonecoast Review, Mojave He[art] Review, Jenny Mag and forthcoming in The Remembered Arts Journal.