Ilike the ways you are so

i am sorry you are so-
would you walk with me here in the nighttime,
when it is soft, near summer
and there are more people
between these street lights than ever
i have seen walking?
it is nice to put the thoughts out into open air,
and better, that yours fall between
as if to make something of spaces
in your constant and undeniable motion.
my stillnesses may go far without,
but it sings to give to you
for a little while.

just as there is something to be unrecognized
in your eyes which are taken up
by you only, looking at the world
and at no one for long enough
to catch, greener than a color i have seen
outside of who is you.

is it kind, that you can pull a luminescing truth out of the air,
not to hold it but to release
so it might fly, dandelion, even pollinate other worlds
with the heart of being?
are your desperations so meaningful
we could locate them and go there
as if to picnic through the rainy day
on the hill over claremont
as the sun falls and you take my sweater.
i would like to never have it back
and for you to wear it wherever it is you are going
without a thought but the scent of this strange mood under the oak
as we turn to leave
the place where we are forever arriving.


ELENA BOTTS grew up in the DC area, lived briefly in Berlin and Johannesburg, and attended college in upstate New York and NYC. She is a artist of many mediums. She has had four poetry books published. Additionally, her visual art has been exhibited in galleries and she has been making sound art.