Midnight Whispers

“We could run away together.”

She says it like it’s the most thrilling idea in the world. She exhales cigarette smoke, wanting to admire the smoke trails, but it’s difficult to tell where the smoke ends and the cold night air begins. Her legs dangle from the rooftop. It’s a comforting feeling, knowing that she is secure enough to stay put, but able to fall if she really wanted to.

Her (best? Only?) friend just rolls her eyes.

“You are properly ridiculous.”

She wants to tell her that no-one actually says things like “properly ridiculous.” But it’s just so endearing, she can’t risk the possibility of never hearing it again.

It’s funny, she thinks. She watches her pluck the cigarette from her own hand, and stub it out. She just lets her do it. Outsiders looking in would say she is the mischief-maker, with leather jackets and impulsive plans galore.

She knows better. Something in her chest burns whenever she catches her eye. There is a light dancing in the pupils, a promise for more. She leans forward. She wants to follow it.

They kiss. Although this is hardly the first time, it still surprises her. She feels a hand grab onto her wrist, just in case they should fall. All at once, she realizes just how high up they are.

“This is hardly sensible,” she says, laughing into her mouth.

Her love leans back to tut. “No-one says things like that, dear,” she chides. But, the light in her eyes is glowing. A silver flame, inextinguishable.

She will follow this forever. 


JENNA BURNS is a Scottish lesbian writer in her early 20s. She has been published by L'Éphémère Review; Fearless Femme; Gutter Magazine; Zoetic Press & The Retired Beekeepers of Sussex. She loves writing in a variety of formats, from short stories and flash fiction to screenwriting. You can find her writing at jennaburnsiswriting.wordpress.com & follow her on Twitter @Jenna_221b.