Hello Readers!

How are you doing? I am sitting on a porch in Cincinnati, listening to cicadas whir. The noise pulses and moves, interrupted by bird calls. It’s miraculous how good nice weather can make you feel. I’m barefoot, and the porch boards are warm. 

Two days ago, I saw a fluffy bush by the driveway. Its buds were round and flat, like peppermint candy. The translucent petals were locked in place, forming a perfectly smooth surface. If you tapped the top, you could tell the bud was hollow like a drum. 

I really love this bush.

Anyway, this is our self portrait issue! So let me tell you about myself. I was born in the year of the ox, my star sign is cancer, and I am an INFP. Now you can google these things and voila! There’s my entire personality! You’re welcome.

All the best,


Some pages from my sketchbook!

Sketchbook pages

KAREN GUAN is currently a junior at the Rhode Island School of Design, majoring in Graphic Design. She loves fruit and other round things, as well as the masterpieces that are Steven Universe and Adventure Time.