This [piece] is called 'Ghost'; it was meant to represent the feeling I get when I wander the woods and feel both a part of it, but separate. I have strings to the modern world, but a desire to run away from it, all while knowing I never truly can. It's a reflection of humankind once living with the forest and among it, rather than beside it. There is no word for the sense of loss I get when I reflect on humans as a species and our empty seat in the garden of mother nature, for we've deviated so far from our brethren in that respect. We are only ghosts when we return to those places.


RACHEL ELIZABETH is a young illustrator and storyteller from all over the United States who delights in telling tales and penning inks. She keeps the company of several cats and two wonderful dogs, all of which are more than happy to distract her from her creative motivations. Her work can be found in a collection on Artstation,, or be contacted on Twitter for convenience :