Issue Two: Noise - Submissions are Open

Dearest readers,

Ann Arbor saw it’s first major snow fall a few days ago and our editors, scattered across the United Sates have begun to experience the dreaded ritual known as Final Exams.  Our method of attack? Warm cups of tea, poetry and socks. The cold hasn't quite settled into our bones just yet. 

When the seeds of Bombus Press began to develop back in August, there were quite a number of things we were still trying to figure out and we can't believe that we've made it all the way to this point.  We were so incredibly pleased with the reponse to our first issue and we're looking forward to bringing you an even lovelier Issue Two.

With that being said, we’d like to take this time to announce that we are open for all your poetry, fiction and artwork until January 14th! Without further ado, we present to you our optional theme...

Noise: the universe humming itself to life in little pockets of chirps and whistles; reading on public transportation and almost missing your stop; the buzz spreading through your bones you can’t quite name; turning your clavicle into a musical instrument. Send us works that discuss noise in full glory, absence, and resting drums.

We are eagerly awaiting your submissions and wish you well as we descend into winter in the Northern Hemisphere.

The Editors