Issue One + A Letter from the Editors

Dearest Readers,

It is with great excitement and no small amount of nerves that we bring forth our inaugural issue! We have worked for months on this first issue, tinkering with the website and having our weekly meetings over Skype. “November has come again, and with it has come a number of difficulties. While we will not delve into those caustic events on this particular blog post, we would like to offer our first issue as something to immerse yourself in.

And what an inauguration! We cannot be more ecstatic to have such incredible poetry, fiction and artwork in our first issue! It is filled to the brim withloveliness and we are so pleased to see how many people responded to our unofficial theme of “bees”. Check out Diana Khong's stunning poem "safety scissors" and a wonderful interview with one of our art contributors, Rebecca Simonov. All across the site, there are pieces that hum and buzz with the excitement of the swarm. Can you hear them? With a thousand hosannas, huzzahs, and hoorays, we invite you in!

Signing off to you with infinite elation (!!!),

The Editors