Meet the Editors: Karen Guan

Good morning, dear readers! We're back again today with a blog post, this time featuring our Art Editor, Karen Guan. If you haven't already checked out our other social media pages, you're seriously missing out.

Karen Guan is a student at the Rhode Island School of Design, in the class of 2019. She is majoring in graphic design, although she thought very hard about majoring in illustration as well. Karen grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and loves cartoons and sweet foods.

Artists/writers you like or admire or inspire you
Currently, I am interested in the respective works of Chris Ofili, Gustav Klimt, Giorgio Morandi, and Judith Scott. I also love Lucien Bernhard’s object posters. Chris Ware’s beautiful drawings and stories are a big inspiration for me as well! In terms of writing, I enjoy reading Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s work as well as Dostoyevsky’s.

What’s your favorite vegetable?
I have been loyal to the green bean since the second grade! At every Chinese restaurant I go to, I order them because stir fried green beans with rice is always comforting and reliably good. The green color is soothing, and inside the pods there are tiny smooth beans!

What do you like most about bees?
Bees give us fruit and other plants, for which I am endlessly grateful. Honeybees also live in interesting societies. From their fuzzy yellow and black bodies to their hexagonal houses, bees are instantly recognizable animals! They have a special place in our culture.